Parish Building Group

The Parish Building Group oversees the maintenance and improvements of the church and grounds.

We currently have a major programme of work, firstly to bring the church and grounds into lline with Health & Safety legislation that we have recently become subject to and secondly to restore the church and grounds to their previous beauty.  Help is always apppreciated either on the group or ad-hoc assistance with particular tasks.

The members of the group are:
Bob Barron
George Ashton
Eric Crook
Frank Ashton

Mike Bryan
Steve Hardacre

Please contact these people personally or email if you feel you can help or wish to raise anything relevant.

Help needed

Despite the efforts of a valiant few, the church grounds are needing more maintenance work and urgently need more time spent on them to restore their previous splendour.  Much major clearing and re-planting of the gardens has been completed but we need more help with then ongoing maintenance programme.

The church buildings have had much work to bring in line with Health & Safety, Fire safety and Electrical
safety regulations but more maintenance is always needed in historical buildings such as ours.

Please do consider if you can assist in any way - you will specify how much time you can spare and not be
coerced into more than you are comfortable with.  It needn't be a long-term commitment if you don't wish it.

Skills we really need at the moment are:-
Gardening skills- Gardening skills and ability to use a spade and other basic skills. Several areas of the garden are very overgrown
and need drastic treatment to restore. There is also continuous maintenance required and the last Saturday of every month is a Church Gardening and Cleaning Day, when everyone is welcome.  Bring your own tools if you wish but some are available. 
DIY skills - there are many small jobs where basic DIY skills would be very helpful
If you have professional trade skills you could offer for free or reduced rates they would be particularly valuable.

Specific skills would be particularly welcome but a willing pair of hands are just as valuable and appreciated.

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