A selection of photographs of our church and parish events.

Please send any pictures of parish events to admin@stfrancisgoosnargh.org.uk for the enjoyment of all.

Whilst we like to include all parishioners attending events we appreciate some would prefer not to feature and would ask anyone taking pictures for submission to check that all significant subjects are agreeable.  If anyone objects to their likeness appearing here please contact admin@stfrancisgoosnargh.org.uk with details of the relevant photograph and it will be edited or removed.

First Holy Communion celebration for our younger parishioners was held on 10 June 2018 with Confirmation being celebrated on the 26 June.  A report with group pictures is available here

Congratulations to The Piercy family on the Baptism of their son Jack on 13 August 2018, more details and picture here

Congratulations to David & Susan Ibison on their wedding on 14 July 2018, more details and pictures here

Congratulations to Lisa and Joe Beaumont on their wedding on 26 January 2019, pictures here

 Altar from Choir loft
 George Beesley inscription
 Choir loft
 Christmas celebrations 2016
 Christmas celebrations 2016
 Christmas celebrations 2016
 Fr Sony welcome party

 Fr Sony mowing



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